I’m actually not done with Xmas posts yet, but I’ll move on to countdown. 2016 was recognized to be a rather shitty year for everyone. From Christina Grimmie, to Prince, to David Bowie to TRUMP (Oh- my – goodness) . But it’s been a rather good year for me. I won’t go as far as to say that I like myself, but the me now? I can work with her.

Ok I really did all the shit I wanted to do today. I started out 2017 wilfully so I’ll be nice the whole year going forward. I went for KTV with the TXY LaoYings (Hong Wei, Jin Jie, Yan Xin, Miao Xin, Jia Ying, Yan Ting) and I really heck cared if I was off tune (I was. Every song.) And I really do know a lot more Chinese songs than I think I do.

Then I reached Jie Qian’s house at 11pm? And after countdown they all qanted to head straight home. But after travelling from Buona, I didn’t want to just head home so I stayed a bit longer than I should have (I’m still here.)

I should probably be more considerate about staying over wherever, and keeping people up. If any of you guys are reading this, I’m sorry for making you stay up with me and I promise I won’t do that again👌

But yay! I finally satisfied my Bridge craving.
2016 was a good year for friendship if not anything else. A lot of people come to chat and rant to me about their problems and worries and whatnot. But not many stay in contact after. I’m quite used to people hugging and crying to me and making me cry, before reverting to hi-bye friends right after. And to be frank, I’ve grown quite numb about that. So to have those people actively stay in contact and being willing to be there for me? It’s surprising. Its touching.

I’m a very lucky girl. 2016’s been a good year.

But the number 17😧 Fingers crossed ✌

And shit. I’m 20.


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